Community Services

Job Fairs

Students, alumni and the Asheville community can network with employers and graduate school representatives during our annually scheduled Career and Graduate School Fair, and learn about full-time and part-time jobs at the Internship and Job Fair. 

Student and Alumni Services

Student & Alumni Services Brochure

Career Counseling and Advising

Career Counselors are available to meet with students and alumni one-on-one about their career decisions, plans, and job, internship, and graduate school search strategies during scheduled appointments. Schedule online or by calling the Career Center at 828.251.6515. 


Students are encouraged to understand themselves and their interests in relation to the world of work by taking the Strong interest inventory and Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) personality inventory. A Career Counselor will interpret the results and help you learn how to apply your gifts in making decisions about your major and career path. 

Exploring Majors and Careers

To learn more about how your major and liberal arts education prepare you for various occupations and organizations, visit  What Can I Do With This Major...? resources and your academic department.

Career Education Workshops and Courses

Career Counselors provide presentations to students in the classroom. Academic departments also sponsor career exploration workshops throughout the year. The Career Center has offered credit-based academic courses including: Career and Educational Decision-Making, Career Development through Internship Experiences, and Career and Life Planning.

Student Employment Program

UNC Asheville has many on-campus jobs for students enrolled for six or more credits. Federally funded work-study positions are also available for eligible students to work on-campus or in off-campus community service positions. Available student employment positions are posted on RockyLink, our job and internship posting system .

Internship Program

UNC Asheville provides students the opportunity to pursue a credit-based internship through their major and a second internship related to their career interests through the Career Center. Credit-based internships typically are accompanied by a departmental course that allows students to connect their academic curriculum to the applied experience. Students can meet with the academic department faculty internship liaison or a Career Counselor to discuss the internship search process. Both credit and non-credit based internships are listed through the Career Center’s RockyLink job and internship posting system.

Graduate School Search Strategies

Many students seek a graduate degree immediately proceeding their UNC Asheville graduation or within a few years of graduation. Graduate school advising, program resources, online practice tests and related test information are available through the Career Center. Graduate school test prep courses are available through the Asheville Graduate Center.

Job Search Strategies

Advising and resources are available for students as they develop their job search skills. Specific services include job search guidance, job listings, cover letter and resume critiques, practice interviews, and negotiating job offers and salary advice. A Mock Interview service is available to help students practice their interview skills (verbal and body language) in a safe space.

Job and Networking Opportunity Postings

Full and part-time jobs are listed through the Career Center’s RockyLink system. We also encourage you to become a member of our LinkedIn group, UNC Asheville Career Connection.

Employer Information Sessions
Employers often are interested in teaching UNC Asheville students about their organizations and available job opportunities. These information-sharing tables and sessions are promoted to students throughout the academic year.

In the Classroom

We value our partnership with Faculty as we work together to provide an enriched educational experience for our UNC Asheville students.   Our Career Center Staff are available for class presentations, seminars, consultation and participation in research on career-related topics.  Should you wish to schedule a special career-related presentation for your students or ask for our participation in a related research project, please complete our Presentation Request Form

The following is a sample list of topics that a Career Counselor could cover during your class.  We are flexible in meeting your topic and timing needs and look forward to working with you.

Class Presentation Ideas:

  • Overview of Career Center Services
  • Career Interests and Exploration
  • Exploring Majors & Minors for Undecided Students
  • Resume and Cover Letter Writing
  • Job and Internship Search Strategies
  • Interviewing Skills for Jobs & Internships
  • Networking Strategies
  • Graduate School Planning
  • Others available upon request

The Career Center serves as a partner to the academic programs on campus to enhance the educational experience of UNC Asheville students. We assist students in locating Internship opportunities and post appropriate opportunities for our students.  We serve as an administrative and liaison role for the employer and UNC Asheville academic departments; departments coordinate related academic supervision and requirements.  You may direct your students to our job and internship site, RockyLink,  to search for available Internship opportunities. Please let us know how we might help you meet the needs of UNC Asheville students.

Parent Resources

Your student’s future is important to us. The UNC Asheville Career Center is here to help your student succeed and make the most of his/her college experience. The Career Center provides comprehensive career development services to assist your student all four years of college and after graduation. Here are some tips on how to assist your student on his/her journey while here at UNC Asheville.

Support and Listen.

Your student will be learning so much about him/herself during his/her time at UNC Asheville. Make sure you listen and support your student as they make decisions about their major and career exploration, as well as the experiences that help shape future career decisions.

The Career Center is here to assist your student all four years.  We encourage students to come to our office early so we can assist them during the whole process.  The Career Center also services alumni as well, to encourage lifelong career development choices.  

Help Your Student Explore and Network.

80% of jobs are never advertised.  These jobs are most likely obtained through networking, and you can play a vital role in assisting in creating a network base for your student.  Neighbors, friends, and co-workers are all part of an extensive network that can provide informational interview possibilities and allow your student to explore different career fields.  Exploration is a vital part of the career decision-making process.

Recognize Transferable Skills.

As a public liberal arts university, UNC Asheville provides valuable transferable skill development for your student.  From critical thinking skills to communicating with others and working effectively as a team, UNC Asheville provides an education that will allow your student to contribute to a broad area of careers.  The top five skills valued by employers (according to NACE Job Outlook) are: communication skills, strong work ethic, initiative, interpersonal and problem solving skills.

Be There.

Whether or not your student is sure of his/her direction, the UNC Asheville Career Center serves as a valuable resource.  We want to be your partner as we work together to empower your student for a lifetime of effective career decisions.